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Crew Up With Women

Championing gender equality is in our DNA. We’re committed to increasing the number of women working on board—and at the helm—of our award-winning ships, and the numbers prove it. In just four years, we’ve boosted the number of women working across our fleet from 3% to 22%. We’re proud of these results and even prouder that others in the industry are following in our wake. Get an inside look at the stories behind the great strides taken towards achieving gender equality at Celebrity Cruises®.

Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, President and CEO of Celebrity Cruises

As President and CEO of a multi-billion dollar vacation brand, Lisa Lutoff-Perlo is dedicated to elevating women, using various platforms to share her perspective on women’s rights. A champion for diversity, education and for young women to “raise their hand” as the next leaders of our world, Lisa leads by example by standing-up for what she believes in while encouraging others to do the same.

Supporting Women in Maritime

Since she began her role as President and CEO of Celebrity Cruises®, Lisa Lutoff-Perlo declared her commitment to raising the ratio of women on the bridge, in the fleet, and in the maritime industry. In addition to appointing the first female American Captain (Captain Kate McCue) she has hired the first female Equadorian Captain (Captain Nathaly Alban) and the first African woman to work on the bridge of a cruise ship (Nicholine Tifuh Azirh.) The ratio of men to women on the bridge of Celebrity ships has raised from 3% to 20% in just 18 months through building awareness, encouraging qualified women to raise their hands, and casting a wider net for candidates.

International Women’s Day

Celebrity Cruises® is the first and only cruise line to Ring the Bell on the 7 Seas for Gender Equality. On International Women’s Day 2018, thousands of crew and guests across our fleet, as well as in our global offices, celebrated and pledged their support for women’s achievements. In partnership with the Red Shoe Movement, all were invited to wear something red to show their support of this celebratory global event.

Our Crew, the People Behind the Uniforms

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