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While we all wait to get back out on the open ocean, we’re bringing the Celebrity vacation experience straight to you. 

Try some of our favorite recipes—both healthy and indulging—that we feature in our main and specialty restaurants. 

Stay active (or chill out) with our wellness activities. Burn calories with exercise classes. Get your Zen on with yoga classes. We’ll bring you new wellness videos every Wednesday.  

Got kids at home? Get a little Camp at Sea on Saturdays with videos that will keep them entertained and engaged. There’s something for the whole family to enjoy. 

So, until we can welcome you on board, we hope you’ll welcome us into your home for some Celebrity-style excitement.


There’s a new Celebrity chef in town (spoiler alert: it’s you)

Cooking With Celebrity

Pomegranate Mojito Recipe

The mojito is an internationally adored symbol of summer. In this video, Celebrity Cruises and Taste of the Caribbean bring you a pomegranate mojito recipe perfect for your next party. Start by muddling a few mint leaves, then add 2 oz of lime juice, rum, pomegranate liqueur, and simple syrup. Add ice, then shake vigorously. A splash of club soda and a mint garnish complete a refreshing mojito.


Workout, relax (or both) with our weekly featured videos & DIY spa treatments.

Wellness Works Wonders

Anti-Anxiety Yoga Sequences

The only rule is to remember to let the breathing move your body and enjoy the sequence. Om. Shanti. Shanti. Shanti.


Family Fun

Bring Camp at Sea, home.

Camp at Home

Slime Camp at Home

Learn how to make ooey gooey, slippery slime with the kids, using just a few easy-to-find ingredients, in this video from our Camp at Home series.

Staying Connected

Our top picks to keep you dreaming about your next cruise.

Read of the Week

Fourteen Stunning Italy Cruise Ports to Visit

Set sail through Italy and experience amazing from port to port. Discover the iconic landmarks of Rome, the traquil canals of Venice, the incredible art of the Reniassance in Florence, world-renowned cuisine in Sicily, and the remarkable beauty of the Amalfi Coast.

Mediterranean Moments

Best Mediterranean Cruise Ports to Visit

The natural beauty of the Mediterranean speaks for itself. Listen as Destination Concierge, Jovan Kaludjerovic explores some of the wonderful experiences you'll have throughout this region on a Celebrity vacation.

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