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Captain's Club

What is Captain's Club and how do I join?


Captain's Club is Celebrity Cruises' recognition and rewards program. There are currently six tiers: Preview, Classic, Select, Elite, Elite Plus and Zenith. The more you sail, the more rewarding your experience becomes.

For information on member benefits or to enroll visit the Captain's Club section of our website.

Captain's Club and its encompassing benefits and activities are applicable to all Celebrity ships with the exception of Celebrity Xpedition®.

Celebrity's Captain's Club program offers reciprocity with Royal Caribbean's Crown & Anchor program and Azamara's Le Club Voyage program.

Captain's Club Classic members receive Le Club Voyage Adventurer benefits. Captain's Club Select members receive Crown & Anchor Platinum and Le Club Voyage Explorer benefits. Captain's Club Elite members receive Crown & Anchor Diamond and Le Club Voyage Discoverer benefits. The same holds true for Crown & Anchor members and Le Club Voyage members when sailing on Celebrity.

Credits are not combinable across brands*; however as members move up in tier, the membership level will be automatically upgraded across all enrolled programs. If you are currently a member of both Captain's Club and Crown & Anchor programs, you will automatically receive benefits based on your highest membership level between the two. The benefits of the two programs will stay independent, and the number of sailings a member accrues on each brand will not be combined. You will earn the tier credit for the brand you are sailing as long as you are a member of that brand's loyalty program.

If you are a Captain's Club member but not a member of the Crown & Anchor Society, and plan on sailing with Royal Caribbean, or you are a Crown & Anchor member but not a Captain's Club member and plan on sailing with Celebrity Cruises®, please call the Celebrity Guest Relations at 1-800-760-0654 if within the U.S. or contact your International Office or Representative if outside the U.S. to enroll in the equivalent tier.

Also, please remember to provide your membership number when booking a Celebrity cruise to ensure you receive your membership credits and benefits while sailing.

* Azamara Club Cruises Note: For a limited time, guests who sail on Celebrity Cruises® and Azamara Club Cruises will earn credits towards their memberships in both Captain's Club and Le Club Voyage, regardless of which brand they sail. Both Captain's Club and Le Club Voyage members will enjoy the benefits of their tier levels on both lines. The program terms may be subject to change.

Lost & Found

I left a personal item onboard the ship. Is there a Lost & Found department I can contact?


We are sorry to hear that you are missing a personal item. We make every effort to recover all lost items from onboard our ships and conduct thorough investigations into these matters. If you have not already done so, please contact us at 1-844-418-6824 ir via email at CelebrityEngagementCenter@celebrity.com at your earliest convenience, so that we may assist you in beginning the process of locating your item. This team will conduct an extensive search for your missing item and provide a response within five business days.

Onboard Purchases

Can I still purchase photos taken on board or my sailing's Cruise in Review video post-cruise?


Unfortunately, image Photo cannot process post-cruise orders for Photos or DVDs from Celebrity cruise ships.


I have a question or concern regarding a purchase made during my sailing. Who can I contact?


We partner with many fine vendors in order to bring you the best vacation experience possible. In order to provide specialized support, specific to your purchase, please locate the corresponding vendor information below. They'll be happy to assist you with your questions or concerns and are typically able to respond with a resolution within 5-7 business days.

For all inquiries regarding purchases made in the gift shops onboard all Celebrity ships please contact:

Starboard Cruise Services, Inc.
8034 NW 14th St.
Miami, FL 33126
website: Starboard Cruise Services

For all inquires regarding salon or spa service purchase, please contact:

Attention - Purchasing Director
8600 E. Rockcliff Road
Tucson, AZ 85750
1-530-749-9655 Ext 4605

For all inquires regarding onboard photos, Cruise in Review videos, or copyright photo releases please contact us:

Call 1-844-418-6824 or email CelebrityEngagementCenter@Celebrity.com
website: Our Cruise Photos

For all inquiries regarding purchases made in a port of call at one of the stores recommended by Celebrity Cruises, please contact:

Royal Media Partners
960 Alton Road
Miami Beach, FL 33139
t 305-370-3562
f 305-430-6050

Feedback & Comments

How can I share comments or feedback regarding my cruise experience with you?


We appreciate any and all feedback, and use it as opportunity to continue enhancing our product and services to exceed our guest’s expectations. Our goal is always to provide the most enjoyable and memorable cruise vacation experience for our guests, so it is helpful to review feedback such as yours in order to measure the success of our efforts. All sailed guests over the age of 18 who have provided us with their email address will now receive an email invitation to participate in an online survey on the day of departure. Guests will have one week to complete the survey, after leaving the ship. The survey works on smartphones, tablets, laptops and other computers. It takes approximately 10-15 minutes to answer all questions in the survey. All responses will remain strictly confidential.

SeaPass Account Statement

How can I get a copy of my SeaPass account statement?


We would be pleased to provide you with a copy of your SeaPass® account statement. Please allow a minimum of 3 business days from the end of your sailing, and then you may contact us at 1-844-418-6824 or via email at CelebrityEngagementCenter@celebrity.com to obtain the requested information.

Additionally, as part of our SeaPass® account system, there may be pending authorizations placed on your credit or debit card throughout the cruise in order to verify the availability of funds. These normally fall off within 3-5 business days, however, some banking institutions may take longer.

Likewise, if you feel that you have received a charge in error, after verifying with everyone in your party, we ask that you please at 1-844-418-6824 or via email at CelebrityEngagementCenter@celebrity.com so that we may assist you further in this matter.

Port Shopping Mobile App

I received medical treatment onboard. How can I get a copy of my medical documentation?


Just print and fill out this form and mail it to the below address in order to receive your information:

Royal Caribbean/Celebrity Risk Management Dept.
Attn: Medical Services
1050 Caribbean Way
Miami FL 33132