The Celebrity Revolution

Is taking the best premium cruise line to a whole new level. It began when we launched the two most innovative ships at sea, Celebrity Edge® and Celebrity Flora®. Now, we’ve brought together more than 500 A-list architects, designers, and engineers to reimagine our entire fleet, with new design concepts inspired by the game-changing Celebrity Edge. You’ll enjoy stunningly redesigned accommodations, exclusive new suite experiences, luxuriously upgraded restaurants, bars, spas, and boutiques—and more. This isn’t just a makeover. It’s our biggest transformation ever.

The Revolution Timeline

2019 will be a monumental year for Celebrity Cruises


Celebrity Edge first introduced The Retreat® to the world, and now, we’re bringing our unrivaled new suite experience fleetwide during The Celebrity Revolution. Every ship will soon offer The Retreat Sundeck and The Retreat Lounge, both strikingly envisioned by world-renowned designer Kelly Hoppen, CBE. That’s in addition to Luminae, our private suites-only restaurant, along with luxurious services and amenities, including dedicated butler service. Welcome to The Retreat. All suites. All exclusive.

The Retreat Sundeck

This luxurious outdoor area first introduced on Celebrity Edge rivals any high-end resort. Kelly Hoppen has created a relaxing space that makes it easier than ever to unplug, featuring plush, stylish furniture and a relaxing hot tub. Dedicated attendants are at your service with cocktails, fresh towels, and refreshing treats.

Luminae At The Retreat

Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Luminae features a boldly elegant design as distinctive as its cuisine. Not only is the restaurant exclusive, but so are its menus. Crafted by our Michelin-starred chef, the modern, eclectic cuisine served in Luminae isn’t available anywhere else on board, and the menu includes complimentary Signature Dishes from Chef Daniel Boulud, our Global Culinary Brand Ambassador.

The Retreat Lounge

This exclusive lounge is available 24/7, and inside, Kelly Hoppen has created a warm and inviting space where you can enjoy complimentary beverages, gourmet bites, and a comfortable place to unwind. You’ll also have access to a dedicated concierge who’ll make any arrangements you need—on board or off.


Revolutionizing our award-winning ships gave us the chance to make our world-class accommodations even more inviting. No stateroom or suite in our fleet is going untouched. With designs rivaling the world’s best boutique hotels, our exclusive eXhale® bedding featuring the luxurious cashmere mattress, and details like ingeniously optimized storage, every aspect of our staterooms is being rethought—and every comfort refined.


We’re making the world’s most delicious vacations even more tantalizing. Embark on a culinary journey in our redesigned main restaurants. Savor the flavors of the world with the new, marketplace-inspired look of Oceanview Café. Discover more than 40 craft beers, along with creative cocktails and gourmet comfort food, at our all-new Craft Social. And that’s just a taste of what’s to come.


No idea is too big—and no detail too small—to give you the vacation experience you deserve. Revel in stylishly reimagined bars and lounges. Enjoy the thrills of our sleekly revamped casinos. Unwind in spas designed to sooth you at every turn. Treat yourself to retail therapy in new boutiques featuring the hottest designer names. All this is just the beginning.


With all our ships being transformed over five years, you’ll soon be able to experience The Celebrity Revolution everywhere we sail.