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Guide to the Destinations, Accommodations, and Onboard Activities for the Best Alaskan Cruise for Families

The best Alaskan cruise for families is one that allows family members of all ages to enjoy themselves by finding something that suits their interest both on the ship and in port.

Celebrity Cruises helps families to achieve this by offering a wide range of Alaska cruise itineraries and onboard activities. Read on to find out how to choose the best Alaskan cruise for your family and what you can do onboard and in port to have a fantastic, memorable time – no matter your age range.

Best Alaska Cruise for Families: Hubbard Glacier or Endicott Arm and Dawes Glacier?

Two of the main types of itinerary options for Alaska cruises include a journey to Hubbard Glacier or Endicott Arm and Dawes Glacier. Both of these are incredible, breathtaking landmarks, and if you’re searching for the best Alaskan cruise for families, you will likely enjoy either one. However, depending on your family’s needs and desires for the Alaska cruise, you many prefer one over the other. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing an Alaska cruise itinerary for your family.

Hubbard Glacier: Iconic due to its massive size and icy blue color, Hubbard Glacier will astound cruise passengers of all ages. Older kids will marvel at the calving that happens at Hubbard Glacier when massive chunks of ice – sometimes a few stories tall – fall off the side of the glacier and crash into the sea below.

The crack of the calving ice can sometimes make thunderous noises so if your child is sensitive to noise, keep that in mind when booking a cruise to Alaska and that Hubbard Glacier may not be the best fit.

Endicott Arm and Dawes Glacier is the other highlight for Alaska cruise itineraries. Your ship will sail down Endicott Arm Fjord a beautiful waterway framed by towering land masses on either side. Along the way, you’re likely to see some native wildlife on land and sea. The Endicott Arm journey culminates in the 600-foot tall Dawes Glacier known for its calving displays.

Best Alaskan Cruise for Families: Stateroom or Suite?

Choosing the best cruise accommodations on an Alaska cruise for your family can be tricky.

Those on a strict budget may lean toward an interior or oceanview stateroom. If you do so, be sure to book early so you have more options of where on the ship you want your stateroom to be before those accommodations book up.

If you’re in an interior or oceanview stateroom with kids, being close to the kid’s club or pool deck so you can quickly get there (and get back to your room if you forget something) will make your living space seem larger.

Veranda staterooms are a great option for parents who don’t have the vacation budget for a suite, but want some separate space from their kids after they go to bed. Put the kids down for the night and then sneak onto the veranda with a refreshing drink to read a book or have long conversations as your cruise sails into the horizon without worrying that your voice or the light will wake your children up.

A veranda is also wonderful to have on an Alaska cruise since it provides ample opportunity to see the stunning views of America’s Last Frontier, which you can see well into the nighttime hours since the sun sets much later in Alaska than you’re probably used to.

Families who can afford to splurge on a suite will be glad they did so, as it provides more space for everyone to spread out and often has a larger terrace. Sometimes there is even an outdoor dining table, depending on the suite category, making room service an al fresco affair the whole family can comfortably enjoy.

Best Alaskan Cruise for Families: Kids Club or No Kids Club?

Even if your children are now preteens and teenagers, don’t discount the power of youth activities to help you all have a fun, easy-going cruise. Choosing a cruise line that has kids clubs and teen zones for all ages will help to give you all an age-appropriate outlet and some alone time. Yes, you may be escaping to Alaska to enjoy some quality family time together away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, but vacations can go much smoother when you and your travel partners have some breaks built into that togetherness to do your own thing.

On Celebrity Cruises, the Kids Clubs are divided into different areas so similar ages can all hang out together in the same space. There’s a kids club for ages three to five (Shipmates), ages six to nine (Cadets), and ages 10 to 12 (Captains). Kids will get to do arts and crafts, play video games, go on scavenger hunts, and play with puzzles and other educational toys. The X-Club teen zone on board is for passengers ages 13 to 17. It features gaming consoles, dances chaperoned by ship staff, and even the chance to learn a new skill, such as recording video using a GoPro and expertly editing it into a movie.

Children under the age of three also have their own fun zone during Toddler Time on the ship. Parents must stay with their children while they’re there, but it’s a great place to let your toddler run some energy out.

While your kids are enjoying themselves safely and comfortably in the kid and teen zones, you and your significant other can get some much needed adult only time.

You can head to the spa for a couple’s massage or relaxing facial followed by some blissful quiet time in the Persian Garden or SEA Thermal Suite (the latter is the new relaxation area on the brand new ship, Celebrity Edge). Sneak away to one of Celebrity Cruises’ many lounges located around the ship for a mimosa or glass of wine. Or head to the kid-free zone of the adults only pool on board.

You can head to the spa for a couples massage or relaxing facial, followed by some blissful quiet time in the Persian Garden. Sneak away for a mimosa or glass of wine at one of Celebrity Cruises’ many lounges located around the ship. Or, head to the onboard kid-free-zone pool.

Book the Best Alaskan Cruise for Your Family

Whether you’re young or old (and still young at heart), you and your family will love traveling on one of the best Alaskan cruises for families with Celebrity Cruises. Ready to find the itinerary that is the best fit for your family? Search Alaska cruise itineraries with Celebrity Cruises and plan out your dream cruise today.

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