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Glaciers, Fjords, and More Await You When You Sail to Alaska

Curious what it's like to sail to Alaska? Here’s what you need to know about cruising to Alaska with Celebrity Cruises — and the top 10 reasons why it’s a vacation that should be on your bucket list.

#1: Seattle Departures

Celebrity Cruises has a convenient embarkation port for those who live in the Upper West USA since it offers sailings that depart from Seattle, Washington, throughout the Alaska cruise season. Even those who don’t live in the Pacific Northwest will find that Seattle is a pretty easy airport to get to since direct flights affordably connect to Seattle from major airports around the country.

In addition, Celebrity Cruises offers itineraries that depart from Vancouver, British Columbia, and Seward, Alaska.

#2: Celebrity Cruises Sails to Alaska's Iconic Hubbard Glacier

Hubbard Glacier is one of the most iconic views you can see in Alaska due to its breadth of size, and a cruise is an amazing way to see it. Hubbard Glacier is a calving glacier, which means massive chunks of ice (some multiple stories tall!) will fall from the side of the glacier and crash into the water below. It is an amazing sight to see, and when visiting Hubbard Glacier with Celebrity Cruises, your ship captain will turn the ship throughout your time in the bay by Hubbard Glacier so that passengers on all decks and sides of the ship will get a front-seat view of the iconic glacier.

#3 You Have the Option of Cruising Endicott Arm and Dawes Glacier

If you itinerary doesn’t visit Hubbard Glacier it’s because you’ll be visiting the splendor of Endicott Arm Fjord and Dawes Glacier. On your cruise you’ll sail up the southern fjord of Holkham Bay called Endicott Arm. This nearly 30-mile long fjord is one of the most dramatic in all of Alaska, boasting sheer granite cliffs all along the way, and in the distance you’ll see the magnificent Dawes Glacier. You’ll also see harbor seals at play or drifting along on the icy floats.

#4 Onboard Naturalists on Your Alaska Cruise

A Celebrity Cruises Alaska sailing includes plenty of educational options so you can learn more about the history and geographic makeup of America’s 49th state. Naturalists who are experts about Alaska will be on each sailing and will regale you with information while visiting Hubbard Glacier and other sights. You’ll be able to attend scheduled lectures on board to learn more about the wildlife and culture of Alaska and ask any questions you may have.

#5 Exciting Alaska Shore Excursions

An Alaska cruise with Celebrity Cruises means access to an amazing repertoire of shore excursions. In each port Celebrity Cruises offers shore excursions that make it easy to see the best sights and do the most popular activities in that part of Alaska. From dog sledding to glacier hiking to scenic helicopter rides, there is a plethora of excursions and tours to choose from.

#6 Solstice-Class and Refurbished Ships

Celebrity Cruises’ ships that currently sail Alaska include Celebrity Solstice, the first ship in Celebrity’s award-winning Solstice-class of ships; Celebrity Eclipse, the third ship in the Solstice-class; and Celebrity Millennium, which was revolutionized in February 2019. Both Celebrity Solstice and Celebrity Eclipse have an expansive top deck with real grass covering it, an elegant 2-story Main Dining Room, and an abundance of specialty restaurant and stateroom options. Celebrity Solstice also has a hot glass show on the ship while Celebrity Eclipse has a popular al fresco dining experience where you can grill your own steak.

#7 Alaska Cruisetour Options

Celebrity Cruises doesn’t just offer cruises to Alaska. It also offers Alaska Cruisetours. These special vacations combine land and sea for an unforgettable way to experience all parts of Alaska. Your Alaska Cruisetour will feature a typical Alaska cruise itinerary, and it will also include a 3- to 6-day land portion that will take you inland to experience Alaska’s wild woodlands and beautiful Denali National Park.

During the Cruisetour you’ll travel via a comfortable motor coach and an extremely cool glass-domed train so you don’t miss any of the wild views. When it comes to resting your head at night, you’ll do so on comfortable beds in upscale lodges and hotels.

#8 Celebrity Cruises’ Veranda Stateroom

Celebrity Cruises has a large ratio of veranda staterooms, meaning more opportunities to stay in a room with a balcony. Having your own private veranda is an amazing way to travel through Alaska as you can sit in solitude with a cup of coffee or glass of wine and peacefully watch the glaciers, mountains, and charming port towns pass by as you sail along Alaska’s waterways.

#9 Exciting Alaska Ports of Call

Alaska cruises don’t just sail through gorgeous waterways and by stunning glaciers. Your cruise will also stop in port towns and cities up and down the Alaska coast. You’ll have the chance to visit the old mining town of Ketchikan, the capital city of Juneau, the rugged coastline of Skagway, and the bustling harbor of Seward.

#10 World-Class Dining

After you spend the daytime hours exploring Alaska on land, you’ll have evenings on board to try an abundance of exciting culinary creations. Celebrity Cruises puts an emphasis on dining and it shows (and tastes!), from the exquisitely designed and decorated restaurants to the fresh ingredients and local dishes incorporated into the menus.


In addition to these 10 great features you can experience when you sail to Alaska with Celebrity Cruises, you’ll also find touches of Celebrity Cruises’ modern luxury throughout your vacation. From incredible art hung around the ship to poolside drink service to tastefully decorated staterooms, you’ll find welcoming faces and pleasant surroundings everywhere you go as you explore the ship.

Book Your Cruise Today and Get Ready to Sail to Alaska

Alaska cruise itineraries for Celebrity Cruises are ready for your browsing! Sailings for Alaska are currently open for both the 2019 and 2020 season. To book your Alaska cruise, visit Celebrity Cruises’ #BookItList page, an ingenious booking engine that lets you reserve your stateroom or suite, find the best airfare for your needs, and arrange shore excursions and other activities all in one convenient place. It’s just one more way Celebrity Cruises is helping you turn your bucket list dreams into reality.

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