Bering Sea Cruise Guide

Located in the Pacific Ocean between Alaska and Russia, a transpacific cruise across the Bering Sea will take you to ports of call in Japan and either Alaska or Russia, depending on the itinerary you choose.

Our Bering Sea cruises sail one-way from Vancouver to Tokyo or from Tokyo to Vancouver. You’ll spend multiple nights at sea aboard one of our innovative cruise ships. Dine on globally inspired cuisine in world-class restaurants. Gaze at the sea from the comfort of your own private veranda. Sweat it out in our state-of-the-art onboard gym and fitness classes, or recharge in our exclusive spa.

Soak in the stunning views of Hakodate from a mountain top. Experience the rugged beauty and wildlife of Sitka. See sled dogs in action in Petropavlovsk. Watch a traditional geisha performance in Japan’s capital, and walk along a 450-foot suspension bridge in Vancouver. There’s no limit to the adventures you can experience on a Bering Sea cruise.


Highlights of a Bering Sea Cruise

A Bering Sea cruise will take you across the continental divide between Asia and North America and give you the chance to see some of the top sights of the countries bordering each side of the Atlantic.

Pacific Northwest & Alaska

Your Bering Sea cruise with us will start or end in Vancouver, the vibrant capital city of British Columbia and a gateway to some of the most beautiful natural areas of the Pacific Northwest. Depending on your itinerary, you may also spend a day in the peaceful city of Sitka, Alaska.

Crossing the International Date Line

The International Date Line goes right through the center of the Bering Sea and adds a fun “time travel” element to your trip.

Russian Coastline

Experience the remote beauty of the southeastern edge of Russia with a port of call in Petropavlovsk during your Bering Sea cruise journey. Petropavlovsk is the capital city of the Kamchatka Krai region of Russia and has an incredible location on Avacha Bay with views of two enormous volcanoes.

Japan Ports of Call

Our Bering Sea cruise itineraries visit a number of Japan ports of call. You’ll start or end your cruise in the exciting capital city of Tokyo. Other scenic ports you’ll visit include Otaru, Hakodate, and Sapporo, though how many and which ones depend on your exact itinerary.

Bering Sea Cruise Ports

These cruises sail along the southern border of the Bering Sea, and you’ll be closest when visiting the cruise port of Petropavlovsk, Russia. You’ll also stop in exciting ports of call in Japan, Alaska, and British Columbia, depending on your itinerary. The adventurous activities, gorgeous scenery, and fresh seafood you can experience in these countries are a highlight for many passengers.

Shore Excursions During a Bering Sea Cruise

Experience stunning landscapes, fascinating wildlife, and delicious cuisine on these shore excursions available during your Bering Sea cruise.

Dog Sledding Adventures

In Petropavlovsk, you can visit a Siberian Husky kennel and lodge and learn about how these adorable dogs have helped locals navigate the frozen landscape for centuries. Several Alaska port of calls also have dog-sledding excursions during which you’ll be taken for a spin on the sled.

Sea Animal Watching Excursion

While in Vancouver, you can take a whale-watching excursion out into the sea for the chance to see gray whales, humpback whales, and even orcas. In Sitka, head out to sea to find cute otters frolicking in the water. You also may see eagles, sea lions, and other sea birds during your shore excursion.

Mountain Top Views in Hakodate

Ascend a mountain on a shore excursion that takes you to a scenic overlook on Mount Hakodate. From the top, enjoy stunning panoramic views of the city and ocean below. Make the journey even more memorable with a sushi lunch.

Best Cruise Ships for a Bering Sea Cruise

Celebrity Eclipse®

Celebrity Millennium®

Celebrity Solstice®

Helpful Tips for a Bering Sea Cruise


Pack warm clothing! Bering Sea cruises typically occur in shoulder season and since you’ll be traveling through one of the more northern regions of the world, it’s going to get chilly at times. A warm water-resistant jacket, water-resistant hiking shoes, and a hat and gloves are all good to pack. Bring lighter layers as well for sunny days in warmer ports of call.
 Depending on the ports of call stopped at during your cruise, check if any visas or other documentation is needed in order for you to go ashore -- or even to board the cruise at the embarkation port.