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Holidays in the Caribbean

April 17, 2015

We’ve talked before about how good Southern California has it for weather, making it not a pressing matter to leave during the winter for some sunshine. But what if there is a place you can escape to that has warmer water in the winter, incredible food and culture, and gets you out of what is often the craziest, busiest time of the year? That’s right — you should spend the holiday season this year in the Caribbean.

A holiday cruise in the Caribbean is a great way to truly relax and enjoy the holiday season with what matters most — the people in your life. Whether you do a a trip just with your significant other, your kids or your entire extended family, there is a ship and itinerary that will let you have a most memorable Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Year’s this winter.

Celebrity Cruises’ ships are adorned in festive decor with twinkling lights, trees, and garlands. You’ll also find holiday-themed menus, including a turkey-inspired one on Thanksgiving.

Spend your holiday season exploring new destinations and see how the holiday season is spent in the Caribbean. From Dande music and celebrations in Aruba right after Christmas to exotic New Year’s celebrations in Jamaica, there is a wide host of activities and sights to see tailored for the holiday season in the Caribbean.

The time to book your Caribbean holiday cruise is now! These special cruises often sell out quickly and the best staterooms go even faster. To get your first pick of stateroom type and location on the Caribbean holiday itinerary that most appeals to you, visit Celebrity Cruises to reserve your cruise or speak with your local travel agent.

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