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July 24, 2015

With Celebrity Cruises’ new Go Big, Go Better, Go Best pricing, you can choose how “all-inclusive” to make your cruise if staying in an oceanview or verandah stateroom or suite thanks to three different pricing tiers.

Each tier lets you pick a certain number of perks. The perks are:

  • Classic Beverage Package for two for the duration of your cruise (includes alcoholic beverages)
  • Up to $150 per person Onboard Spending
  • Unlimited Internet for two
  • Prepaid Tips for two

Go Big lets you choose one of these perks.

Go Better lets you choose two.

And Go Best gives you all of them, plus an extra bonus. Let’s talk about Go Best pricing in a bit more detail.

Take this 10-night Mediterranean cruise that departs October 2 from Rome for example.

Go Big oceanview stateroom pricing starts at $1,999. Go Best is $450 more. Is it worth it?

Well, first off, let's look at Internet. Getting an international Internet package when in Europe usually isn’t cheap whether on land or at sea. The Free Unlimited Internet perk saves you from worrying where you’re going to find Wi-Fi. When you get back on the ship after a day exploring, upload all the photos of European wonders you took to Facebook (or check work email if you must) and don’t worry how much every minute is costing you. But you can think about how much you’re saving, which is $349 for a 10-night cruise.

After you upload those photos and check email you may find yourself in the mood for a pre-dinner drink…the find yourself wanting a glass of wine to enjoy with your meal (you are in Europe after all — enjoy that dolce vita life with a good glass or two of wine)…followed by an after dinner cocktail. On vacation, this scenario isn’t that out of the ordinary for most people and those drinks can add up fast. (Not to mention the drinks you have poolside on at sea days.) With Go Best pricing you don’t need to worry about how much you’re spending on alcohol. Plus, this is where that bonus perk comes to play. Instead of a Classic Beverage Package, you get a Premium Beverage Package, which means you now get access to top-shelf liquors, premium beers and wines up to $13 per glass. The Premium Beverage Package usually starts from $65 per night or $650 during the course of a 10-night cruise.

That $450 extra you’re spending for Go Best pricing is starting to sound better and better isn’t it? But we’re not done yet.

With Go Best pricing, you also get shipboard credit. On the Mediterranean cruise from Rome, you get the full $150. You can use that toward shore excursions (such as visiting Pompeii while in port in Naples or wine tasting in Santorini) or a spa treatment at the onboard CanyonRanch Spa Club, or use it toward a 5-star dining experience at one of Celebrity’s onboard specialty restaurant. On this European itinerary onboard the Celebrity Reflection ship, that means you have the opportunity to dine al fresco in the Lawn Club Grill or enjoy a unique presentation of culinary creations at Qsine — or try one of the many other restaurants onboard

Lastly, Go Best pricing includes daily tips. While your amount of spending for drinks, excursions, spa, and Internet is subject to change, there’s no getting around daily gratuity fees. On a 10-night Europe cruise in an oceanview stateroom, gratuity is $12.95 per day or $129.50 for the entire cruise.

Altogether, on your 10-night Mediterranean cruise, Go Best pricing perks can save you up to $1,278.50…minus the $450, of course (which may now be looking like a REALLY good deal).

Want to go to Europe and book your cruise? Visit Celebrity Cruises or speak with your local travel agent. Be sure to also ask how booking a verandah stateroom or suite can enhance your cruise!



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