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Uninterrupted is unbelievably luxurious.

The blissful relaxation of more uninterrupted days at sea wrapped in modern luxury—that may be the biggest perk of all on a transatlantic cruise. As you sail in the footsteps of famous navigators you’ll visit breathtaking ports of call such as Lisbon, Portugal, and the Canary Islands. With transatlantic cruises, you can choose from six itineraries that include iconic cities such as Paris and Rome. One particular sailing even offers a pair of double overnight stays in King’s Wharf, Bermuda, and New York City—two completely different adventures you can experience in one incredible vacation.

Our transatlantic cruises deliver more than great sea days — they also deliver exciting destinations. You’ll travel from the bustling Old World to serene tropical beaches (or vice versa) on a transatlantic crossing, stopping at some ports we rarely visit. Choose among 439 shore excursions from Bermuda to Barcelona and beyond.

Return each evening to your award-winning ship and select from a dozen tempting restaurants. Relax in world-class accommodations. Pamper yourself at The Canyon Ranch® Spa at sea. Enjoy mesmerizing entertainment. Add our intuitive service, and you're sure to return home rested and revived. Five stunning ships complete these transatlantic journeys: Celebrity Reflection®, Celebrity Silhouette®, Celebrity Edge®, Celebrity ApexSM and Celebrity Infinity®.

Top Ports

Rome, Italy

Civitavecchia was settled in 108 A.D. by the Emperor Trajan and has since served faithfully as a gateway to Rome, the capital of Italy. Once the center of the Ancient World from which emperors ruled over nearly all of western civilization, Rome is still a cultural mecca. Only a few cities in the world can boast such a well-preserved level of architecture, art, and religious iconography. There’s an enormous wealth of culture and history to discover on a cruise to Rome. Visit the ancient halls of the 50,000-seat Colosseum, gaze upon the ceilings of Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, and stroll the Capitoline Museum. Roman culinary prowess is well respected and beloved the world over. 

Tenerife, Canary Islands

Beyond its steep and rugged coastline, Tenerife is a cultural and natural wonder waiting to be explored. Discover mysterious step pyramids at Güímar, meet the world’s largest collection of parrots at Loro Park, or take in a show at the ultra-modern Tenerife Auditorium. Foodies will have fun sampling the fresh fish, famous cheeses and sumptuous wines of the island.

Bruges, (Zeebrugge), Belgium

Gracefully combining past and present, as well as Flemish and French, Bruges offers a little something for everyone. Linked by the Baudouin Canal, this medieval town is the stuff of fairytale and storybooks. Cobblestone streets, old, historic churches and a dreamy landscape make this a very sought after destination -- especially during the summer months.  Stroll through the Markt, a bustling plaza where the rhythmic beat of horse-drawn carriages echoes off a soaring belfry tower. Immerse yourself in a rich art history, best reflected in the paintings of Bruges’ own Jan Van Eyck, one of the most significant Renaissance artists of the 15th century.

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