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Travel to three continents in one vacation with our transatlantic itineraries that cruise to Agadir, Morocco. Located on the northern coast of Africa, Morocco is an eclectic, vibrant country that has a colorful culture rich in food, art, and dance.

A cruise to Agadir, Morocco conveniently situates you right by the incredible ancient sites of the city of Agadir. Excursions are offered to the popular city of Marrakesh, which is located a few hours away from Agadir, but for those who want to maximize their time, a day spent exploring Agadir is unforgettable. Agadir is the most-visited city in southern Morocco and has a resort destination vibe with a wide crescent beach and exciting seaside promenade lined with bars, restaurants, and cafes.

Please Note: While we don't currently sail to Morocco, you can discover the beauty of the region on one of our cruises to the Mediterranean. Browse our luxury cruises to the Mediterranean below.

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Highlights for Cruises to Morocco

Cruises to Morocco transport you to the history and glamour of this northeastern African country. From excellent shopping to grand architecture, you’ll be astounded by the sights and sounds of a port of call in Agadir, Morocco.

Shop at a Souk

One of the things you can’t miss experiencing during a Morocco cruise stop is visiting one of the many souks in the city. A souk is an open-air market and the ones in Morocco sell a variety of products that can only be found in this region, including handmade carpets, local handicrafts, and other souvenirs and food items.

Kasbah in Agadir

The remains of this stunning fortress is located right in the port town of Agadir. It’s a large fortress atop a hill that has stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. The structure of the Kasbah of Agadir dates back to the 16th century, but it was mostly destroyed in the 1960 earthquake that hit Morocco. Today, only the ramparts remain.

Atlas Mountains

This gorgeous mountain range stands out due to its location between the Sahara Desert and the northern Mediterranean. The unique location of the Atlas Mountains puts it right between desert and sea and results in a dichotomy of climates and aesthetics with arid mountainside, snow-capped peaks, and green valleys.

Featured Ports on Cruises to Morocco

In addition to visiting Agadir, the gateway port to Morocco, your cruise will sail to many other destinations during its transatlantic journey. These ports may include (depending on your itinerary) the Spanish cities of Seville, Barcelona, Malaga, and Alicante.  Other destinations include Ponta Delgada in the Azores; Lanzarote and Tenerife in the Canary Islands; and Lisbon, Portugal.

Popular Shore Excursions in Morocco

The shore excursions available during cruises to Morocco will allow you to experience the region’s rich culture and history in style. You’ll be able to see traditional dance shows, visit the best souks and kasbahs, and learn the history of the country.

Agadir City Tour

The resort city of Agadir is nestled against the Atlantic Ocean at the base of the Atlas Mountains. The city has a laidback feel but provides plenty to see and do. During an Agadir city tour, you’ll have the chance to experience its top sights and culture first-hand, including its famous casbah and souk.

Drive to Taroudant

Not too far east of Agadir is the ancient city of Taroudant. It’s a great shore excursion for those who wish to experience Marrakesh without having to travel quite as far since it looks like a smaller version of the city and is also enclosed by ramparts. This aesthetic has also given it the nickname, “Grandmother of Marrakesh.”

Take in a Show

A shore excursion will take you to some of the best song and dance shows that the country has to offer. See the Fantasia show in Agadir that features acrobatics, Berber dancing, local music, and even a traditional horse race. 

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Helpful Tips Before You Go


Bartering is acceptable at the souks and is part of the fun. When wandering through the maze of stalls, keep an eye out for high-quality carpets that are locally made. Many vendors will ship them back home for you.

We cruise to Morocco during shoulder season, typically in April or November, on a repositioning cruise from Europe to North America or vice versa. The weather in Morocco during those months is still warm, but you may find yourself in a sudden, short-lived rain shower as April and November are the rainiest months. The rainfall is usually light, but pack a light rain jacket or poncho in your bag just in case.

The sea, mountains, and potential for rain may make you feel like you’re about to visit a tropical paradise, but don’t forget that Morocco is, in fact, a desert climate. Therefore, pack accordingly for hot weather. Sunglasses are also wise to have to shield your eyes from the sun and any dust and sand swirling in the breeze. Packing a scarf is smart if a sandstorm hits while you’re there. If that occurs, cover up your nose and mouth with a scarf and head inside until it passes, which usually happens quickly.

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