Always Included

Our new Pricing Strategy is called Always Included. Does it replace Sail Your Way?

What is Always Included?

Is Always Included a long term change in pricing strategy or just for November 2020? 

Why the change from Sail Your Way?

Is Always Included applicable to existing bookings made prior to November 17, 2020?

Will there be Refundable and Non-Refundable Fares for Always Included?

Do the Non-Refundable Fares apply to new bookings made inside final payment?

Will Always Included apply to all stateroom categories?

What is the cost to upgrade from Always Included to Elevate or Indulge?

Will the Always Included package prices change with currency fluctuations?

What is the retail value of the amenities?

Is the Onboard Credit (OBC) a set amount or does it vary by sailing?

Which itineraries are applicable for Always Included

Can guests request a non-alcoholic drinks package if an individual guest does not drink alcohol or is under the legal drinking age?

Do I need to tip onboard for beverages?

How can a guest upgrade from classic beverage package to premium beverage package when they book the Always Included package?

Will Single guests be charged double the supplement, if so, will the extra amount be refunded later?

Will additional guests in the same stateroom receive Wi-Fi packages?

What is the difference between Premium Wi-Fi and Basic Wi-Fi?

How can a guest upgrade from Basic Wi-Fi to Premium Wi-Fi when they book the Always Included package?

Do all guests in the stateroom have to upgrade to Elevate or Indulge or can only guest one or two choose the package but not guests three or four?

Can FCCs from GSS or CWC be used to pay for the Elevate or Indulge package?

Do Retreat guests automatically receive the “Indulge” package for new bookings?

Are existing Retreat guests grandfathered in for the “Indulge” package?

If a guest books Always Included and sometime later decides they want to add on the Elevate or Indulge package, will they have to shift to prevailing rate, or will we protect the original Always Included rate they booked at?

Will guests who booked onboard be allowed to convert their booking to Always Included and keep their onboard booking benefit?

Does the Best Price Guarantee still apply?

How many back-to-back cruises can be booked?

Will Always Included be combinable with the “Move Up” program?

Will we be offering Always Included on new deployment when it opens?

Are charter sailings include in the new Always Included pricing?