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Fairbanks is the embodiment of the pure Alaskan spirit, with its gold rush roots, hardy locals, and famed midnight sun. Born of a turn-of-the-century trader who found himself stranded in what is present-day downtown, Fairbanks was founded when gold was discovered nearby and the trading post blossomed into a thriving city that outlasted its gold rush boom. Today, locals pride themselves on their independence and endurance, many being descended from Native Peoples and the gold rush prospectors whose self-sufficiency was the driving force of the town’s conception. Hugging the northern bank of the Chena River that converges with the unyielding Tanana, the Chena sternwheelers that navigate Fairbanks’s waters afford breathtaking views of the city and countryside, while also offering a glimpse into Alaska’s rich interior traditions. Exploring Fairbanks means participating in the day-to-day experiences that have contributed to Fairbanks referring to itself as ‘extremely Alaska’. Immerse yourself in the same Hot Springs where turn of the century gold miners found reprieve from the near-freezing creeks where they panned for gold. Or pan for gold yourself in one of the many creeks that still turn up flakes of gold. Admire the enduring native art treasures on display at the Museum of the North, whose shimmering contours reflect the mountain ranges that encircle it. With the locals playing late into the night, like the midnight sun baseball game held every solstice, your options to explore are as lengthy as the long summer nights. And as the gateway to the Arctic, Fairbanks is rich with the history of Alaska’s pioneers, and offers a window into their authentic Alaskan way of life that still exists today.

Alaska and Canadian Rockies Cruisetours

Extend your vacation experience and venture deep into Alaska and the Canadian Rockies by combining a cruise with a land tour. Allows you to explore mesmerizing regions far beyond the coastline.


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