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Inverness is the Scottish Highland's major city. Literally, it means "mouth of the River Ness," and it’s the hub for international visitors who come hoping to catch a glimpse of the famous, yet elusive, Loch Ness Monster. While you’re here, be sure to take a cruise down the Loch and a stroll along the riverbank to not only take in this picturesque spot, but to work up an appetite for dinner in one of the city’s excellent restaurants. Inverness brings you the cuisine of the Scottish Highlands. Fresh seafood caught in the coast waters, salmon straight from the river and a host of farm-raised beef and lamb options.  And, of course, there are a few local whisky distillers that are worth a visit. The streets of Inverness are teeming with independent boutiques and shops for keepsakes. Wander down medieval Church Street and find yourself transported back to days of yore on this cruise to Inverness, Scotland. Follow the circular path that descends Inverness Castle and winds along the river past St. Andrews Cathedral and into the Ness Islands. Winding along the banks of River Ness and crowned by pink sandstone castle, Inverness is a pastoral city of flower gardens and green parklands. 

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The Mustard Seed

You’ll dine among Scottish families at the well-loved the Mustard Seed, a 28-table restaurant in a former church with soaring ceilings. The menu changes weekly, but if it’s available, try the sea bass served with peas and pancetta, or the braised venison haunch and sausage stew with a confit-garlic mash.

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