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24-hour In-Room Dining

Encounter Georgian architecture, African culture, cool waterfalls, and blissful beaches around Falmouth, a town forged by flames, rebellions, and pirates. At the redeveloped cruise port, enjoy Jamaican rhythms, local crafts, and duty-free shopping. Cruise to Jamaica and uncover rich colonial history at the 18th-century Good Hope Estate up in the hills, or ride a 30-foot bamboo raft along the lazy Martha Brae River. East of town, discover ancient rock formations at Green Grotto Caves, then continue on to iconic Dunn’s River Falls, where you can climb up the steps as the water rushes all around you. Head west on a scenic drive to Montego Bay, passing the infamous Rose Hall Great House, former home of the White Witch, then taking a swim at Doctor’s Cave Beach. Jamaican cuisine runs mild to wild, a result of British, Spanish, and African traditions. The mild staple of breakfast or lunch is ackee—a fruit with the taste and texture of scrambled eggs—with salt fish. On the wild side is jerk, the legendary flavor of Jamaica—spicy hot, mildly smoky, a little sweet—invented by runaway slaves, now popular around the world, adding a distinctly Jamaican kick to chicken, lamb, pork, fish, even veggies.

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