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Rostock (Berlin), Germany-  At one time sequestered behind the Iron Curtain, Rostock has now opened its arms to visitors throughout the world. A cruise to Rostock (Berlin) is the perfect access point for the excitement of cosmopolitan Berlin. Take a scenic three-hour drive from the beautiful Hanseatic port city to the capital city of Germany.  Tour Berlin at your leisure and see the sights you’ve always wanted to see.  On your journey, an informative tour guide will give you sound advice on where to go and what to see. Once in Berlin, the city is all yours to explore as you wish.

Berlin shines with a free spirit and a penchant for good times that never seems to sleep. Rather remarkable for a city that bore witness to the rise of Hitler, was bombed to bits, and lived bitterly divided for decades during the Cold War. Berlin has found a way to remember its past while building a vibrant, cultured, and extremely happy present.  You can still visit the grandiose architecture that once hosted leaders of the Third Reich; stand at the famous Checkpoint Charlie; and walk along the ominous remnants of the Berlin Wall. Berlin is also home to rollicking beer gardens, inviting urban parks, fabulous restaurants, incredible music, and a thriving arts scene, all wrapped in a wonderfully unpretentious air of good fun.

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Leave some time to visit Konk, a funky boutique filled with designs you won't find anywhere else. The white-on-white space tucked away on a tiny cul-de-sac in the fashionable Mitte neighborhood stocks women's wear by mostly local designers such as C. Neeon and Anntian, along with a small selection of jewelry and accessories. There's even a house fragrance.

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