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This Danish port town is rife with nautical charm. Rugged and beautiful, Skagen is a favored tourist destination, especially in the summer months with its long coastline and pleasant atmosphere. Popularized by an influx of Scandinavian artists in the mid-19th century who were drawn by its radiance, the town enjoys a wealth of cultural treasures. A great way to learn about the artists who have settled here is to plan a trip during your Skagen cruise to Anchers Hus. This was the home of Michael and Anna Anchers that has remained unchanged since they first lived there. You can see some of their works, the studios where they painted and a glimpse into how they lived.

If you want to experience Skagen’s formidable outdoor offerings, take a tractor ride to Grenen, the geographical tip of Denmark where the Skagerrak Sea and the Kattegat Sea meet. At the end of your day before gazing into a picturesque sunset, make a stop at the Bolcheriet Candy Shop for a tour on how candies and caramel are created and choose between 32 varieties to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Please Note: While we don't currently sail to Skagen, you can still discover the beauty of the country on one of our cruises to Copenhagen. Browse our luxury cruises to Denmark below.

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