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We’re taking luxury travel to the next level with goop.

Goop at Sea

We’ve coupled our commitment to wellness with goop’s incredible roster of cutting-edge doctors, practitioners, and thought leaders to bring you the ultimate wellness experience at sea.


Suite guests will have the opportunity to engage with goop Founder & CEO, Gwyneth Paltrow and goop’s chief content officer, Elise Loehnen via a Q+A; and work with their very best healers.


2021 sailing date and ticket information to be announced soon.


Event is open to guests ages 18 and up.

Opening Conversation

goop’s chief content officer, Elise Loehnen, kicks off a conversation with founder and CEO Gwyneth Paltrow about her personal wellness journey, what she’s learned, what she’s still curious about, and where she’s headed next.

The Mind Session

This workshop focuses on mental health, the power of your mind, and creating immediate and lasting shifts in outlook.

The Body Session

In this active group workout class, we’ll move (a lot), tap into the potential of the body, learn from a fitness pro, and have some fun.

The Soul Session

So often, our physical, mental, and emotional well-being are inextricably linked. This class is an energetic experience, guided by a beloved spirituality teacher and designed to leave you feeling more grounded than when you entered.

Closing Keynote

A conversation between goop’s Chief Content Officer Elise Loehnen and one of the day’s fascinating culture-changers. (We can’t say more yet, but we know you’ll love it.)

Goopifed Perks Throughout Your Wellness Sail

There will also be fun, goopy surprises and amenities available throughout your cruise. Details coming soon!

Retreat Logo

Experience goop at Sea as part of The Retreat

The goop at Sea experience is exclusively available to guests who book a luxurious suite.
Prepare for the ultimate getaway.


The Retreat® isn’t just a place. It isn’t a service. It isn’t an amenity. It’s our entire suite experience, and it’s all available to every suite guest. In fact, we’re the only premium cruise line to offer every suite guest a Personal Retreat Host, a private restaurant, and an exclusive lounge. Together with world-renowned designer Kelly Hoppen, CBE, we’ve created the ultimate in luxurious experiences.

This private restaurant—open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—features a boldly elegant design as distinctive as its cuisine. Not only is the restaurant exclusive, but so are its menus. Crafted by our Michelin-starred chef, the modern, eclectic cuisine served in Luminae at The Retreat is not available anywhere else on board, and the menu includes complimentary Signature Dishes from Chef Daniel Boulud, our Global Culinary Brand Ambassador.

This exclusive lounge is available 24/7, and inside, world-renowned designer Kelly Hoppen, CBE, has created a warm and inviting space where you can enjoy complimentary beverages, gourmet bites, and a comfortable place to unwind. You’ll also have access to a dedicated concierge who’ll make any arrangements you need—on board or off.

Celebrity Edge® first introduced The Retreat Sundeck, a luxurious outdoor area that rivals any high-end resort, and now we’re taking it fleetwide. Kelly Hoppen has created an inviting space that makes it easy to unplug, featuring plush, stylish furniture and a relaxing hot tub. Dedicated attendants are at your service with cocktails, fresh towels, and refreshing treats.

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